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About Us

If you've tried other laptop repair services and been told your laptop can't be fixed - it could just be that they don't have the knowledge or the specialist equipment to hold out the extent of component repair required. At the FORTRAY, we've invested within the latest equipment that permits us to urge right down to Level 5 notebook repairs - including BGA Rebelling and other onboard graphics issues. Our motherboard repair service enables us to hold out repairs where others may need to be declared your laptop to be 'beyond repair.'

Over the years we’ve come to recognize those with similarly strong ethics and strengths of their own. We now provide assistance to many other technology businesses themselves and have created strategic partnerships with the very best of these, to bring you the most comprehensive, all-encompassing, and affordable computer repair solutions in Fortray. Saving customers' time and energy to ensure your laptop's fixation at the doorstep and at the earliest with quality service.


Located in Canada, FORTRAY is a full-service computer repair organization, an expert in data recovery, laptop repair, computer repair, MacBook repair, and virus removal. With an upscale experience of 15 plus years within the IT sector, we've worked towards delivering pioneer flexible and innovative solutions and computer repairs for giant and little clients within the IT industry. FORTRAY has become the foremost popular choice among thousands of Ontarians for the pc or laptop repair, providing trained professionals. Since those days within the early 2000s, we've grown successfully to bring a wealth of deep-seated IT knowledge, experience, and understanding to supply IT Support, Laptop Repairs and Computer Solutions from the foremost straightforward computer repair to the leading sophisticated network design.


We want to ensure that we are providing the best laptop repairing services all over the World. Our mission is to deliver the best quality services in Canada as well as other countries. We want to spread our business in all states and want to ensure that we are providing our clients with the services of their desire. Also, we want to deliver the best quality information about laptop repairing and fixing than anyone else. We ensure the quality of our work and services.


Our vision is to make our website "an international and best-selling website." We aim to spread our business world-wide and want to be the best laptop repairing platform in the online market. We follow the rule, which is “Provide and Deliver the best."


We follow the four necessary principles.


We are passionate about accomplishing results by consistently concentrating on our polished methodology, meeting partner desires, and guaranteeing consistency to the best expectations of cleanliness, health, security, and environment. We like to win by concentrating and investing in SMART objectives and goals.


We know the importance and estimation of words and maintain responsibility and self-responsibility at the most elevated platform in our drive to reshaping lives. We advance and practice regard from top to bottom while empowering arrangement between what we 'chalk' and how we 'walk'.


We make a domain of trust, acknowledgment, and participation where people altogether accomplish shared targets, playing on qualities help us settle on quick choices and advance reason over an individual.


We make a situation, which acknowledges a proactive methodology by empowering the progression of thoughts from base to top, subsequently teaching the sentiment of possession.


We offer an extensive selection of motherboard repair services also as screen repairs, disk drive problems, and essential OS issues, viruses, and data recovery too. As today's laptops get more and more sophisticated, finding a corporation with the expertise and knowledge to supply an equally modern motherboard repair service is often essential if your computer allows you to down. Sadly, there are many ways your laptop can offer you problems, and we're confident that our laptop repair service can resolve most of them - from an influence supply problem or faulty switch to correcting graphics corruptions at the component level.

Our laptop repair service can include the screens too - and while many shops will instantly replace the screen, we're ready to offer a comprehensive repair service that will often see your existing screen returned to life at a fraction of the value. We provide reliable computer repair services to individuals and businesses with no cost of an in-house IT department. Our technicians immediately diagnose the matter, instantly start performing on solving it; otherwise, you can even ask them inquiries to answer your queries. Hence, now it’s easier to increase some time by using our services. Our exclusive services offer a couple of benefits:


We provide onsite services to our clients. So, you don’t get to carry your PC to require it to our office. You can visit us online and avail of the services you want.


You don’t get to be worried about your personals data as all connections are entirely secured, authorized, and controlled by you. We ensure the privacy concerns of our clients as well as data security.


If you're facing virus issues or cannot recover your data anyway, don’t forget to contact us and obtain speedy resolutions. We are here to provide you the RUN-TIME quick solutions to all your problems.

Over the years, we've come to acknowledge those with similarly strong ethics and strengths of their own. We now assist several other technology businesses themselves and have created strategic partnerships with the absolute best of those to bring you the first comprehensive, all-encompassing, and affordable computer repair solutions quickly. Saving customers' time and energy to make sure your laptop's fixation at the doorstep and the earliest with quality service.

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