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We concentrate on all IT support areas with 24/7/365 remote systems monitoring, Cloud unlimited backup and storage and 2-, 4-, 6- & 8-hour critical response times, also as next business day, onsite repair and replacement of components, software, networking issues, virus, malware, hacking, and security issues with toll-free 24/7 technical support call-in center.

We're the simplest solution for rapid deployment of bulk laptop & desktop computers custom imaging for user conferences, training, and other corporate events. Get all of your documents, pictures, videos, or specific software on your devices, including 3rd party applications. Computer security configurations are available like Wi-Fi, Email configurations, Browser settings, and Website restrictions.

We offer service to a number of the most important institutions and government agencies in Canada, so you'll rest assured we are the professionals who will handle any of your IT needs. Call us together with your questions on how we will assist you.

  1    Branding and Laptop Imaging

Our World is crammed with gadgets; from digital cameras and GPS units to eBook Readers, iPads, and laptops, we offer the support and repair you would like when something is amiss. Also, we take a snapshot of your ideal laptop settings and software, then deploy this across a vast number of devices. If you would like impactful branding, we will customize wallpapers, backgrounds, and logos to suit your needs. We provide coverage plans and repair for each personal and residential IT gadget you'll consider at a reasonable price that's renewable per annum.

  2    Fast Deployment and Tech Support

Computer Workstations and servers are an integral part of every business, whether a government, institution, major corporation, company, or SOHO. If the computers are down, the market is down. Our deployment team focuses on imaging laptops & desktops. We've 24/7 event support and, therefore, the largest network of onsite technicians to assist with deployment at multiple locations. FORTRAY make sure that your IT equipment and systems are working optimally around the clock and round the World! So, don't trust your expensive laptop or notebook repairs to only anyone, find your nearest FORTRAY on our Local Branches page and arrange FREE collection of your computer.

Our Portfolio


We provide maintenance and technical services on the all of the following name brand manufacturers, but not limited too;