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Non-Commercial Tech Services

Fortray is the only onsite computer repair company in the province of Ontario to offer same day service.

Our franchise owners are technology experts and have access to resources from an outsized international company, providing their clients with customized technology solutions, products, and competitive pricing. If you're a businessman trying to find technology solutions to assist your business to become more efficient and stay before the competition, consult our business services. We offer our clients the following categories:

  1    Discount Pricing Structure

Our discount pricing structure makes us unique from all other laptop-repairing services provider. FORTRAY bills by the quarterly hour and not for travel. You buy fifteen minutes, as against an hour with another service provider. In this way, you can avail of our discount pricing service.

  2    Flat-Rate Onsite Diagnosis

Your FORTRAY technician will show up, spend ten minutes diagnosing your computer, and troubleshooting the problem then provide you with a competitive and realistic estimate. FORTRAY local experts diagnose technology issues related to computers, laptops, servers, and networks. Because every business's needs are unique, our experts provide solutions that are customized to your company and budget. We offer computer repair services professionally and efficiently so that your business is copy and running as quickly as possible.

  3    Certified Technicians

FORTRAY only hires a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ or equivalent and experienced technician. Our technicians undergo a rigorous training process before receiving the title. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, information, and skills to satisfy all of your computer repair needs. FORTRAY only hires a licensed and experienced technician.

  4    Same Day Service

Why haul your computer right down to the pc store when a FORTRAY technician can come directly to you and have you ever up and running an equivalent day? FORTRAY will provide you with same-day services, so you do not need to await it by placing your computer at the pc store. One among our expert technicians can log directly into your computer to ascertain what you see and to guide you thru to resolving the issue. They will take hold of your system and show you ways to finish a task or diagnose the problem.

Our Services

New Computer Setups

Onsite Service reppair

Onsite Repair Services

Virus Malware Removal

Data Backup Solutions

Hardware/Software Upgrades

Internet Activity Monitoring

Printer Troubleshooting Repair

Wireless Security Solutions

24/7 Remote Support Service

payment conditionThere are plenty of computer stores Scarborough. Each one specializes in a different kind of product, and so when you walk into one you will have a good idea of what they specialize in. This is nice if you need to replace your hardware but don’t want to deal with the salesman. Instead, you can get your hardware from one of these stores, and they will do all the work for you so that you don’t have to.

payment conditionYou can find some computer stores Scarborough that have a wide range of hardware, such as a multimedia store that sells iPod-compatible devices. When you buy something that uses a special connector, for example, you will need to go to the store that sells that type of device before you can use it. This makes things easier on every one since no one has to tell a store what type of connector a laptop or desktop uses. A computer repair near me will be able to help you find the device you need without you having to ask, which is always a good thing. The same thing applies to using one of the many computers that sell various types of software. If you have any questions, go to the store that specializes in that type of product. If you have specific questions, you will find a store that is specifically set up to answer those questions. Need computer repair near me? Find a local computer repair shop that’s close to you and have it done for free. Just a thought, doesn’t it seem like most computer repair shops don’t really offer that kind of service? Why do they charge for their services, if it’s not necessary? This article will give you some of the most common computer repair issues and how they are solved by most computer shops.

payment conditionComputer repair is a very complex issue and as such many technical troubleshooting issues are best left to the professionals. Computer techs can help troubleshoot a computer by analyzing the problem first. They will also walk you through the entire process of taking care of the problem, getting your system up and running again. Some technical issues can be resolved by an average person and for the ones that cannot, you can usually find professional advice from the repair techs. A common problem that a lot of people come across is a corrupted hard drive. In this case, a technician will delete files to clear out the registry so the computer will function normally again.

payment conditionComputer programs cause a lot of problems on a regular basis. If you want to fix a program that isn’t working properly, you’ll need to be able to use the proper tools to get the job done, ergo, choose the right computer repair near me. Many programs are designed to work with specific programs. You need to know which program to reformat and then use the right tools for it. For example, if you reformat Windows XP, you will need to uninstall any older programs that are incompatible with the new operating system. Sometimes, a program will have a compatibility mode that makes it run better on certain programs. While some programs are not compatible, most programs should work with most programs that were created for other versions of Windows.


We provide maintenance and technical services on the all of the following name brand manufacturers, but not limited too;